Bojagi — Introduction

This series of bojagi pieces was written by the 2011 KEEP-D delegation. Bojagi is a traditional cloth used to wrap and carry items. In wartime, people would wrap their belongings in a bojagi and carry their possessions on their backs. In this context, bojagi is a short reflection, a portion of the trip now carried in the written word. This year’s pieces were inspired by the changes we saw, especially those related to the economic development of the country. Please enjoy!

A Traffic Controller at the Crossroads  — Introduces the theme of change.
Nuclear Weapons — A look at nuclear weapons and the DPRK’s position
Lee Omonim’s Song — The Arduous March and Songun politics
Equity, a Work in Progress — Education and healthcare
Food in the DPRK — A look at food and aid
“Let’s Breakthrough to the Cutting Edge” — CNC technology and factories

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